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Thursday, May 26, 2016

During May and June the more up-to-date content of our website will increasingly appear only on our new webpages in process, found at is the plan that both the ".net" and ".org" addresses will point to the same content by the end of June. Meanwhile, please make sure you look to the ".net" site for the newest information!  

Please accept my apologies for any interruption in access to these pages which may occur in the process.

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Updated Small Groups Ministry Information can be found here on our new website
Our new toll-free phone number: 844-251-6335
This Sunday — one service at 9:30
Watch the Window and Worship Guides for details.



Check out the three (3!) Facebook presences of CUMC!
(1) Our effort to be welcoming to immigrant children, especially unaccompanied children.
(2) A"group" for Children's Ministry which you may join or "like."
(3) Our original Claremont UMC "page," which would welcome your "liking" it and commenting.
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As followers of Jesus Christ, we are an inclusive community, responding to God’s love and grace.

  • We nurture one another on our spiritual journeys.
  • We work for peace and justice.
  • We serve others and God’s creation.

Together we seek God’s creative transformation of the world and of individual hearts. 

—Adopted by CUMC Church Council, 2009 

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As faithful disciples of Jesus and His teachings, we advocate for the full inclusion and acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons and their families in the church and community.

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The Cal Pac UMC vision statement: "Inspiring the world as passionate followers of Jesus Christ so all may experience God’s life-giving love."


 2016 Nativity Banner

Check out this 

tabular view

of six years of nativity scenes by artist John Zachary on our church lawn.






Prayers for General ConferenceThe Bishops of The United Methodist Church and the planning committee for General Conference (Portland, OR, May 10-20 have issued a call to prayer for General Conference. California-Pacific Annual Conference has been invited to use Sunday, May 1, 2016, as its day to pray.
Bishop Minerva Carcaño's call to prayer is found here.
Pastor Mark Wiley and the Rev. Karen Ellis have produced prayers for use in congregations which you can find and download here.
Regular releases from the Cal-Pac Conference Communications Office are archived immediately and available at this website. 

 To read the most recent letter from our missionary Mozart Adevu click below!
Mozart's newsletter

Regular newsletters from Interfaith Arkansas, where our missionary and Church and Community Worker the Rev. Stephen Copley is director , are also available online. (Click on the image below for his newsletters!)
Interfaith Arkansas — Rev. Stephen Copley, Director

Regular email releases from the Cal-Pac Conference Communications Office (CPCO) are available at this Mailchimp® website, where you may also subscribe.

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 Advent Workshop